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Dr. Max & Dorothy Desa

Fuller Life Wholeness Program has had a profound impact on our lives.  Due to daily stress in my medical career.I used to have difficulty in getting a sound sleep. But as I imbibed the principles of Fuller Life program, I could overcome the stress induced insomnia and also could overcome any hindrance in my work place
Whenever I faced any difficult situation ,I kept on refreshing myself with , 'Fuller Life - the book, a journey'.
I have personally felt my life transformed with the values, techniques and the philosophy of the program which has been so life- enriching."

Dr. Max & Dorothy D’Sa,
 Sr Chest Specialist
Goa, India

Dr. Max & Dorothy Desa

Sr. Chest Specialist & Medical Practitioner

Goa - India

I am privileged and proud to be associated with the Academy of Self-Actualization from its inception. Leo and team have together with me in the early formation of this program which have helped thousands of people in India and abroad. I was particularly involved with the psycho somatic effects of emotional traumas and how the Fuller Life Wholeness program addressed these through a very sublime and subtle process of resolving issues like guilt, anxiety, fear and other traumas.

Dr. F X Fernandes

Medical Suptd & Lecturer, Shiroda Homeopathic Medical College

Goa - India

I attended the Fuller Life Program in early 2001, in Bali, Indonesia. Leo Dmello was in our country on an official visit. He did an Inhouse program over a period of four days to select group of our friends circle. We enjoyed the fresh ideas, the input sessions were very entertaining as well. But what we liked most was the deep meditations through music and a voice over, it made us deeply relaxed and we became more aware and peaceful. Most of us still do those practises.

Mrs. Therisia Tedja

Real Estate Consultant

Bali - Indonesia

Leo D'Mello is a personal friend of ours and whilst he was conducting a Sales Training program in Parramata, near Sydney (Australia), we requested him to give us his famous Seminar Workshop for our group. He conducted a customized version of his Fuller Life Wholeness Program and we were really taken in with the techniques and insights we received from it. Some of us had some serious emotional issues. After we practiced those trauma-detox techniques, they just vanished. We felt so free and alive.

Mrs. Azucena Takeno

Travelpreneur and Cruise Specialist

Sydney - Australia

My husband, late Mark Attwood, an international entrepreneur, came with his Global Business Consultant, Leo Dmello, from India to establish his company in Philippines. During that time, we discovered that Leo used to give talks and seminars, so our friends got together and asked him to give a course. He readily obliged. We were challenged to think beyond our comfort zones, we were given sessions to work out our bodies and minds. It was thoroughly engaging and also entertaining. We loved the 2 days we spent very much. Even he had session for us to map our dreams and discuss them the next morning!

Mrs. Barbra Attwood


Manila - Philippines

Leo D'Mello and team had a whirlwind tour of Bhatinda (Punjab) and visited the Faculty of the colleges here in Jan of 2009. Every College they went, there was a rousing welcome as they had heard about the Fuller Life Program. We coordinated the tour and received very good response from the Teaching faulty everywhere. Since then, they have reported a growth in their teaching acumen, in their inter personal relationships and even in their academic records.

Rev. Fr. Allan Noronha


Kolkatta, India

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From Goa with Love, Fuller Life Program is now available in select cities around India….Bombay, Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad, Cochin, Calcutta, etc and also around Asia and Australia….Singapore, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Bali, Dubai, Sydney, Perth etc.

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